Awesome Diet To Lose Belly Fat In 3 Weeks

belly fat

Did you know that everyone has some belly fat? This includes even those people with flat abs. However, having too much belly fat has been known to affect your health negatively. You are at risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes 2, high blood pressure as well as dementia, colon and breast cancer.

To begin with, focus on reducing your calorie intake. Cut down on eating sugary foods, refined grains, and caloric beverages.  Ditch the unhealthy carbs like the white bread and pasta. You should also stay away from Trans fats, which are mainly found in fried foods, margarine, and store-bought foods. Always read labels to know exactly what you are to lose belly fat fast

We also recommend planning your meals. Your plate should consist of vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. If you need to snack, opt for low-fat yogurt, nuts or fresh fruits. Staying hydrated is vital. Drink water when carvings occur and avoid taking alcohol or soda. Liquid calories are more harmful than solid ones since the brain hardly registers their intake.

The key is watching your portions. Nutritionists recommend smaller portions throughout the day as opposed to big portions twice or thrice a day.  This way, you can prevent hunger pangs, and have consistent energy.

For instance, go for about 3-4 oz. of protein, about ½ cup of whole grains and one or two cups of fibrous vegetables. Your total calorie intake should be about 1200 per day.  This allows you to maintain your metabolism and muscle mass.

There are no simple ways of losing belly fat, given that it’s the most stubborn kind of fat. You did not gain the fat in just three weeks, so you cannot expect to shed it off that fast. The good news is, by changing your diet, you have a higher chance of losing around 6 pounds within 21 days.

Changing your diet should be the priority. Do not forget to incorporate exercise and enough sleep into your routine as well. Maintain a calorie deficit each day for three weeks and watch as your body begins to transform.