How Anabolic Supplements Increase the Benefits of Working Out And Exercising

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Since the beginning of recorded human history, there have been those that strive to have the strongest, fastest, and best-looking body possible. There have been workouts designed, diets invented, and many other factors considered but the bottom line is always going to be hormone related.

In our youthful years, our bodies are loaded with naturally secreted hormones that help us build muscles, recover faster from injuries, and even fight diseases. These hormones are called anabolic steroids.

The problem with these hormones is that they peak just after our teen years and then slowly decline as we age. Then, in our later years, they plummet to near zero causing many age-related illnesses. There are ways, however, to replace these hormones naturally, let’s examine some methods.

There Are Ways To Encourage Your Body To Make More

The main steroid that your body needs to be at peak performance is testosterone or various precursors of it. In order to get real testosterone, a prescription is needed from a doctor and the hormone comes as an injection. Then, since the pure hormone has many side-effects, you’ll have to make regular visits to the doctor and monitor your health constantly.

There are other ways you can entice your body to make its own testosterone and one of them is by working out regularly doing certain kinds of exercises. It has been shown that weight lifting helps build muscle and during the process of building muscles, your body will increase its production of testosterone.

While rebuilding the muscles that are torn down during training there will be more of this beneficial hormone circulating in your blood for the benefit of your entire body. Studies have shown that weight training helps the circulatory system, brain health, bone health, and many other parts of the body.

Benefits of anabolics supplement for workoutYou Can Take Supplements That Help to Release Stored Natural Steroids

When your body has an abundance of testosterone and many other hormones, it tends to story them in certain cells and organs for later use. Fat cells are one of the types of cells that can contain lots of stored testosterone so many supplements are designed to make your body force the release of these hormones from their storage sites.

Our bodies, upon sensing the release of the hormones from the fat cells, will then endeavor to manufacture more to replace them. This is a much safer way to avoid side effects of testosterone use since the human body has hundreds of checks and balances keeping overproduction from happening.

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There are also other supplements that provide all of the necessary nutrients and pre-cursor ingredients so that when your body is in need of producing testosterone it won’t be lacking any of the needed chemicals.

Since these supplements are naturally made from plants and your body has control over the process it, again, limits any side effects while still encouraging the maximum amount of testosterone production possible.

If you want to build a body that looks, feels, and works at peak performance there are plenty of anabolic supplements you can take, and exercises you can do, that will force your body to make more testosterone.

Plus, by doing it the right way, you can avoid any of the long-term problems associated with the pure injected testosterone that needs a prescription to obtain.

Having Fun While Getting Fit: 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Workouts

Tired of being a slave of the treadmill? Motivation is hard to come by when the bed weather sets in, and the temptation to stay in the bedroom to sleep is much stronger than to head to the gym to work out.

If you have been doing the same thing over and over in your fitness regimen and going to the gym feels more like a chore, you can shake things up a bit so that you will not lose your willpower to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You know what, the easiest and best way to stay fit is to enjoy your workouts even without signing up for a gym membership.

Sounds like it is easier said than done? Before you get skeptic about it, just give the things on this list a try, and notice the huge difference it will make to your perspective on fitness and exercising.

6 Fitness Myths Debunked: Shattering the False Beliefs about Getting Fit

1. Zumba

This Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow workout has been giving the traditional workouts a run for their money.

Why? Because it burns calories (about 550 calories performed at moderate intensity) while giving an exhilarating experience to anyone regardless of age and skill level, thanks to the superb combination of aerobics and upbeat dancing. No wonder it has its appeal to middle-aged women—it offers a disco rather than a conventional gym experience.

More than just being a calorie burner, zumba classes is a great way for friends to socialize and enjoy their time together. Even if you go to a class without any acquaintance or friend, you will leave the class with a newfound friend. If you do not feel like doing it with a group of people, you have the option to do zumba (via Wii-based versions) in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

2. Skating

Ice skating or roller skating is worth a try because it offers a lot of fitness benefits. This is a good way to work out the muscles in the stomach, as it develops balance and graceful movements. As an aerobic form of exercise, skating is also great for toning thighs and butts.

To get started, get yourself a protective gear and a pair of blades. You can choose to participate in a group skate class or learn it on your own.

3. Hula hooping

The hula hoop is not just a toy for kids—it is also a tool for toning your abs, working out your core muscles, and developing a good balance. Every hour, hula hooping enables you to burn around 600 calories. You can do it indoors or outdoors, with or without music, whatever rocks your boat.

4. Pole dancing

Have you ever seen a pole dancer gliding seamlessly on a pole? The smooth, slithery movements can leave you in awe. It looks so easy to do, how come it is also considered an exercise, you might ask.

Well, pole dancing is not for the faint of heart. It seems so easy but it involves working out the whole body, where muscles opposite of each other push against a pole. For a moderate workout, pole dancing can help you burn about 250 calories.

It is a combination of dance and conventional exercises like squats—which are all centered on a pole. This makes pole dancing a toning and strengthening exercise that is never boring.

Workout and Fun

5. Trampolining

Remember when you were young and one of your most enjoyable hobbies with your siblings and young friends was jumping repeatedly on your bed like it’s a trampoline?

Relive those fond childhood memories and get yourself fit by trying trampolining. This low-impact exercise, which puts just a little tension on the knees (thanks to its elastic surface), is ideal for people whose joints get hurt easily when they jog or run. It is a fun way to work out all your muscle groups. Track your progress here.

6. Pilates

Pilates is an effective and fun weight loss exercise that suits all people of various fitness levels. It improves stamina, flexibility, strength, posture, blood circulation, and range of motion.

In only a one-hour Pilates session, you can burn as much as 180 calories. With the many things it can do for your body and health, what more motivation would you need to try Pilates?

7. Fencing

Fencing involves a lot of lunges and squats, which are effective exercises for losing weight. What makes it really fun is that it easily elicits laughter when you go sparring with your friend.

8. Tabata

If you have not heard of this workout before, you’d better listen up. Developed by the Japanese, tabata is designed to help busy professionals make time for workouts without going beyond 4-5 minutes.

It works by having eight extremely high-intensity sprints for 20 seconds and a 20-second rest in between. A study found that a 4-minute tabata is a more effective aerobic exercise than biking for an hour. Imagine burning 160 calories in just 4 minutes!

Easy Going Exercises

9. Going on a travel adventure

Taking a break from your daily work grind can do wonders for your physical and mental health, as it helps alleviate stress. If you add physically challenging activities to your outdoor adventures, you can get the double benefit of lower stress and calorie burning. When you go to the beach, you swim, snorkel, and go kayaking or rowing. When you hike a mountain, the elevation speeds up your fat burning process. Even taking a simple cultural walking tour in a new country can burn lots of calories!

10. Yoga

Yoga may not be as fun as jumping on a trampoline or cliff diving, but it is worthy to be included on this list because it is an effective way to relieve stress while toning and strengthening your body as well as enhancing your flexibility. One hour of yoga can help you burn as much as 258 calories. For better fat burning, you may opt to do power yoga or Bikram yoga.