Fitness Trackers

If you are looking for some motivation to make fitness an indispensable part of your lifestyle, technology in the form of fitness trackers can be your best workout buddy. According to research, people who use fitness trackers are more active than those who don’t. It is no wonder because these gadgets help fitness buffs become more mindful and self-aware of their progress.

Here is the list of top fitness trackers in the market today that are worth considering:


WiseWear Calder

This wearable tech shines like jewelry and allows you to count every flight of stairs you take.


Garmin Vivosmart HR

This fitness device encourages and reminds the user to get moving by vibrating after each hour of immobility. And when you are working out, it monitors your heart rate so that you know whether you should intensify or slow down your movements. It makes an assessment of the user’s activity level and then makes daily goals to achieve.

Apple Watch Nike+

This smart watch reminds you of your latest mileage through its integrated GPS and allows you to schedule your runs ahead of time. It also alerts you when you have friends (who are members of the Nike+ Run Club) who are on the way to the gym for their exercises.


ASUS ZenWatch 3

This elegantly designed and sweat-resistant fitness device can track even the most intense workouts. It powers up very quickly, too.


Misfit Phase Hybrid

Sporting a classy analog watch design, the Misfit Phase Hybrid can do so many things such as vibrating to force the user to move, counting calories burned and steps taken, and monitoring sleep.